Blood sample


[[titleTag|See instructions below for how to prepare for blood sampling.]]

[[instructionDetailTag|1|STEP|Give the blood sample in the morning before 12pm, the best time is between 8 to 10am.|#|5-vereproov-2x-28.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|2|STEP|You must be awake for at least 1 hour before the blood sampling procedure.|#|4-vereproov-2x-28.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|3|STEP|On the day before blood sampling, you can eat and drink as usual, but the consumption of alcohol, coffee and fats should be limited. Do not eat or drink 10-14 hours before giving a blood sample. If necessary, you can drink one glass of clean, unflavoured water during this time.|#|2-vereproov-2x-28.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|4|STEP|On the morning of the day of the blood sample, please avoid physical exercise and emotional strain, using any medications (if possible) and smoking.|#|6-vereproov-2x-28.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|5|STEP|You should sit calmly for at least 15 minutes to stabilise your bloodstream before the blood sampling procedure. During the procedure, your mouth should be empty, and you should not eat, drink or chew gum.|#|vereproov-tool.png]]

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