Faecal occult blood test


[[titleTag|See instructions below for faecal occult blood test.]]

When collecting the sample, the following must be considered:

  • Use a special sample container with a buffer solution* for sampling. You can ask for them at the sampling point or by ordering an analysis as a TESTI ISE service at a Smartpost parcel machine.
  • The use of handy (home) test containers is not permitted.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Be careful with the thin plastic tip of the sample container. If the plastic tip is broken, the sample material leaks, and the sample is not suitable for testing.
  • It is not recommended to collect the sample:
    • If there is visible blood in the stool
    • During menstruation
    • In case of bleeding haemorrhoids
    • In case of diarrhoea
  • Rectal procedures are not recommended during the week before sampling.

* It is a toxic substance that is toxic if swallowed, in contact with the skin or inhaled. The concentrate causes skin corrosion and eye damage.
Please contact your doctor or Poison Information Center (tel 16662) immediately if you suspect overdose.

[[instructionDetailTag|1|STEP|Collect the stool onto a clean disposable plate or special faeces catcher, which you can use according to the instructions. Please note! The stool must not come into contact with urine, toilet flushing water and cleaning chemicals.|#|1-rooja-v-tmine-peitvere-uuringuks-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|2|STEP|Remove the blue lid with the stick from the sample container filled with the buffer solution by twisting it.|#|2-rooja-v-tmine-peitvere-uuringuks-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|3|STEP|Poke the stick into three different places in the stool portion Please note! No more stool should be placed in the sample container than is left on the threaded stick as a result of three pokes.|#|3-rooja-v-tmine-peitvere-uuringuks-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|4|STEP|Place the stick back in the sample container and close the cap properly. Sample container must bot be opened a second time.|#|4-rooja-v-tmine-peitvere-uuringuks-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|5|STEP|Write your name and the date and time the sample was collected on the tube.|#|6-rooja-v-tmine-kalprotektiini-uuringuks-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|6|STEP|Take the sample to the sample collection point or at a Smartpost parcel machine as soon as possible, but no later than within 24 hours. Storage: Keep the sample at refrigerated temperature (+2...+8°C) until it is taken or sended to the sampling point. |#|6-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

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