HPV analysis sample


[[titleTag|See instructions below for HPV analysis sample.]]

[[instructionDetailTag|1|STEP|Wash your hands carefully before collecting the sample. Carefully remove the sampling tool (Evalyn®Brush) from the package. Do not throw away the package.|#|2-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|2|STEP|Remove the pink cap by pressing on the sides of the cap. Do not touch the white brush. Do not throw away the pink cap, you will need it for returning the sample.|#|3-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|3|STEP|To collect the sample, stand upright with one leg bent forward. Choose a comfortable position, such as the position for inserting a tampon. Insert the sampling instrument into the vagina so that its wings reach the outer labia of the vulva.|#|4-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|4|STEP|Hold the transparent part with one hand and press the pink button inwards with the other hand, towards the vagina. When you hear a click, the pink button is in the correct position.|#|5-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|5|STEP|While holding the sampling instrument in place, turn the pink button five full turns in one direction to properly collect the sample. A clicking sound is heard when each full circle is turned. After five circles, carefully remove the sampling instrument from the vagina.|#|6-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|6|STEP|Put the pink cap on the sampling instrument and place it back in the plastic case.|#|7-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|7|STEP|Place the sample in a resealable barcoded envelope and then into the return envelope. Seal the envelope and send it to SYNLAB by SmartPOST parcel machine no later than 7 days after collecting the sample.|#|1-emakakaelav-hi-riski-anal-s-hpv-2x.png]]

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