Microbiome sample


[[titleTag|See instructions below for microbiome test.]]

On the day of collecting sample, be sure to fill in the health questionnaire.

In order to do that: 

1. create account at Elsavie website

2. insert your Microbiome test personal code – you will find it on the back of the instruction;

3. fill in the Health questionnaire, which can be found HERE

4. after filling in the questionnaire take the stool sample.

[[instructionDetailTag|1|WASH YOUR HANDS|Read the instructions for use. Wash your hands. Attach the faeces catcher onto toilet as shown on the figure. While attaching the catcher onto the toilet, make sure that the catcher does not come into contact with toilet flush water, cleaning products or urine, as it disintegrates when it gets wet.|#|1-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|2|COLLECT THE STOOL ONTO A FAECES CATCHER|Collect the stool onto a faeces catcher.|#|2-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|3|COLLECT STOOL ONTO THE COTTON SWAB|Carefully open the sterile cotton swab wrapper, being careful not to touch the cotton part of the swab with your hands. Stick the sterile cotton swab into the middle part of the stool (approximately 1cm depth), slightly swirl around to make some stool stick onto the swab. Repeat this action 2 more times in different parts of the stool portion, so that the swab has no more than a pea-sized amount of stool on it.|#|3-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|4|PLACE THE SAMPLE INTO THE CUP|Open the sample container packaging, turn the cap on the liquid filled container and open it. Do not dispose of the liquid in the container or replace it with any other liquid. Turn the cotton swab covered with sample material inside the solution, to allow the cotton to get wet. Important: only a small amount of sample material is required for the test; the solution and sample mixture in the tube must be in liquid form. When the mixture contains too much faecal matter, it is not possible to analyse the sample.  |#|4-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|5|BEND AND BREAK THE SWAB|Bend and break the swab from the point marked on the shaft, leaving the cotton tip inside the sample container. Throw the other end of the swab into the waste bin.|#|5-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|6|CLOSE THE CAP|Close the cap carefully.|#|6-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|7|FINISH COLLECTING THE SAMPLE|Flush the faeces catcher down the toilet. Wash your hands once again. Write the date, month and year of collecting the sample onto the sample container.|#|7-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|9|SEND THE SAMPLE CONTAINER|Place the sample container in the security envelope and post it to an Omniva parcel machine at your earliest convenience, but no later than in 7 days after collecting the sample. The kit includes pre-paid envelope for returning the sample.|#|9-mikrobioomi-uuring-2x.png]]

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