Throat sample


[[titleTag|See instructions below for collecting a throat swab.]]

[[instructionDetailTag|1|STEP|To collect the sample, use the sterile cotton swab provided in the kit.|#|2-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|2|STEP|Rub the swab over the back of the throat, the tonsils and the throat arches. When collecting the sample, avoid touching the oral mucosa (the inside of the mouth) with the swab.|#|3-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|3|STEP|Put the cotton swab back into the plastic tube. Then place the plastic tube into the plastic bag and put it into the transport box.|#|4-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|4|STEP|Write your name and the date and time the sample was collected on the tube.|#|5-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

[[instructionDetailTag|5|STEP|Close the security envelope carefully.|#|6-kurgukaabe-2x.png]]

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